Benefits you will receive

Opportunity to obtain bank loans from local banks for solar systems

Turn your roof in to an asset with us to earn money while generating your own power

This program will facilitate you to completely eliminate your electricity bill and generate more, Surplus can be sold to the electricity board

Any additional electricity generated within the 1st 7 years will be purchased at Rs.22.00 per unit and after the 7th year Rs. 15.50 per unit

Battle for solar energy (Sooryabala Sangramaya)

Battle for Solar Energy also known as Sooryabala sangramaya is a Government initiative to fulfil Sri Lanka’s future power requirement and make the country self-sufficient in power is being implemented with the participation of the Ministry of Power and Renewable Energy, Ceylon Electricity Board, Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority and other related organizations.

The ’Battle for Solar Energy’ program will encourage the consumers to join in power generation by installing small solar power plants established on the roofs of their houses to meet their energy requirements.

The program will establish micro solar power units in one million houses throughout the country. The one million houses will be connected to a net metering system and solar panels will be provided to the households at a concessionary rate. The power supplier Ceylon Electricity Board will purchase excess power generated from them. The government expects the programme to add 200 MW of solar electricity to the national grid by 2020 and 1000 MW by 2025.

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Lanka Electricity Company Limited(LECO) is introducing solar loan schemes up to 1 million for LECO consumers. Only the first 2000 customers will be selected, so apply now to enjoy this limited time offer.

About the loan

All the LECO domestic consumers whose present average monthly electricity bill exceeds Rs. 3000 limit or expected to be exceed in the future will be eligible for this limited time facility. This scheme will be active for a limited time period of 6 months and funds will be provided only for the first 2000 customers.
  • This loan is for LECO consumers ONLY (CEB consumers are not eligible).
  • Maximum loan amount = Rs. 1, 000,000 (1 Million)
  • Interest rate = 8%
  • No need of guarantors.
  • Payback period = 7 years through monthly LECO electricity bill.

Loan conditions

  • If the loan amount is less than Rs.500,000, 90% will be paid by the loan and the rest by the customer.
  • If the loan amount is less than Rs.1,000,000, 75% will be paid by the loan and the rest by the customer.
  • If the loan amount is Rs.1,000,000, more than 25% should be paid by the customer and the rest will be paid by the loan.

Download Leco loan application

Soorya bala sangramaya application Download
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